Coral Executive Agency is a HR Startup/Online Platform that connects you to Thoroughly-Vetted Domestic workers at the click of a button!. We are the foremost online Domestic and office support staffing job portal in Nigeria, seamlessly structured to match only the best-fit candidates and employers together. We are highly passionate about helping employers strike that balance between work and family life whilst very much dedicated to supporting and encouraging Domestic and business support workers achieve that dream future they envisage. This is where domestic, business support workers and their employers converge.



Coral Executive Agency is in business to see a healthy working relationship between employers and their workers thus enabling “all parties” reap the full benefits of a healthy, safe and mutually benefiting work relationship.



    • This platform was created to provide value to users and reduce the stress and risk of securing Domestic and Business support staff and also, to create an enabling platform for candidates to enjoy free direct access to employers providing these opportunities. To assist genuine workers, who are desirous about being gainfully employed to connect with genuine employers who would in turn value such serious-minded and focused staff.


    • And also, to enable us to delete candidates who are in the habit of moving from one location to the other on a consistent basis without purpose for years unending and/or candidates who are criminally minded/predisposed and/or has committed a crime in one state and as a result run to new employers in other states to continue perpetrating their crimes untrailed.


    • Additionally, to also enable us remove from these portal employers who consistently assault candidates under their employ, subject candidates to inhuman work conditions, beat them mercilessly, pour harmful liquids and substances on workers, owe workers months of salaries without guilt, in a nutshell, employers who dehumanize and exploit their workers effortlessly without remorse


    • We entreat for civility, mutual respect, humane treatment and ultimately; that users provide maximum value to each other via the use of this site.


  • Online Direct Hiring

    We give employers direct & immediate access to workers online

  • Personalised Hiring

    We offer personalised options for employers who do not want to search themselves.

  • Premium Services

    We provide top-notch, highly experienced and carefully selected workers for high profile individuals, hotels and corporate organisations

  • Training and Development

    We offer group training and development services for hotels and private employers

  • Job Placement

    we help you find workers jobs

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