COVID19- Your role as a Domestic /Hotel Worker.

We all don see wetin dey go on for our world today, with regards to this Corona Virus wey just dey kill people / dey make people sick all over the world.

Considering say, we as domestic workers , na we dey work for house , dey care for Oga or Madam wey fit decide to do Self isolation, self quarantine or Social distancing. Anyone wey your Oga or madam decide to do to stop the spread of this disease, e good make we all know wetin our responsibility be to curtail the spread of this deadly pandemic virus.

Employers , kindly do not overburden your live-in domestic workers with excessive work , pressure and tension. This is a trying time for all Nigerians, for your domestic workers as well.

Ensure you create a closing time , say 6pm or 6:30pm daily , for your workers to stop work for the day and rest ( even live in domestic workers that live with you) Do not overwork your workers, you will be straining your relationship with them, and run the risk of them resigning once this Corona Virus Crisis is over, thereby running the risk of hiring a new person into your home/ environment.

Kindly ensure you pay those that do not live-in with you, their monthly wages. They also have to sort out their food and basic needs in their own homes at a time like this.

Your role as a Domestic worker amid the Covid19 Pandemic:

1. Wash your hand o o my people!! No dey rub dirty hand for your aprons, for walls for all manner of places for house . Na you dey spread diseases be that o.

Who don watch that movie “Contagion” ? wey na Chef carry dirty contaminated hand serve the madam food for restaurant, na so madam carry the disease fly through 3 different airports for 3 counties, contaminate those airports, come land for her house for USA , where she come die. By then, she don spread am to everybody, people begin die like flies all around the world,

Na Chef wey no wash hand , na him start the whole thing!! He carry him dirty, laziness and laxity almost wipe out the whole world for inside that film, that na film o.

Now Corona Virus don show live!

World Health Organization ( WHO) say , you go wash your hand for the length of time e go take you to sing Happy Birthday ×2( Two times) . Make the hand wash or liquid soap reach all parts of your hand , rub am well , make e disolve all the germs wey dey your hand well well , then you rinse your hand. Make sure say you rince am well well , as your job entails touching and serving food wey people dey put for mouth, them chop ,e go enter their body.

2. Clean and disinfect high traffic areas. Ensure say you dey clean and disinfect areas wey people hand dey touch touch all the time. Make sure say surfaces like door knobs or handles, stair case railings, toilet handles, faucets, buttons, tables tops, light switches, kitchen tables ,sinks and other places like that , make sure say you continually dey disinfect these areas well well. Use Bleach wey na quality bleach, check say Sodium Hypochlorite of 5.25% or higher dey there, check other compositions and make sure say na quality product you hold for hand, also make sure say e no expire or no be fake. So that e go fit disinfect the whole house well and keep everyone healthy, especially in times like this.

3. Aunty / Uncle , stop to dey pick your nose, touch your eyes ,nose, mouth. Comot your hand for your face ! You go catch Corona Virus or transmit the virus easily if you too dey touch touch your face.

4. No dey shake people hand or stand anything less than 6 feet close to someone else, e better make you wave your friend from far ( him go understand , or you explain this responsibility to am too for phone, make e begin practice am)

5. If the Oga or Madam wey you dey work for get Corona virus , wear gloves ,masks and all other protective clothing to protect yourself as you dey care for them or clean their surrounding before them move to isolation centers. If na hospital you dey work or you be cleaner for Heath facility wey dem dey isolate people, ensure say you protect yourself at all times. But no fear, Several measures have been put in place by the Nigerian government to help anyone infected. The person go well, just protect yourself as you nurse them back to health. Immediately you commot from the Oga or Madam presence, “carefully” carefully remove the gloves and masks and dispose them carefully in a lined container or bin.

6. No share Cups , Spoons , utensils, bed sheets, towels and other personal items with the person wey dey sick, the virus fit dey inside their clothes. Carefully disinfect the clothes when you dey wash am.

To read further and understand how you go fit help your Oga , Your Madam, Nigeria and the World eliminate Corona Virus as a Domestic worker or caregiver, click on where them explain am in detail.

Stay safe, work safe,

Coral Executive Agency Ltd

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    • Mary - June 8, 2020

      Hello Coral Executive Agency,

      Well done and thank you for this writing. It is very well explain in English for all of us to understand.

      I using Hypo bleach that my madam give me, to clean everywhere for our house even to wash plate for kitchen.

      Thank you and God bless you.


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    • coral - June 8, 2020

      Thank you Mary,

      Continue cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces in your employer’s house, not just because of Covid 19, but to protect the entire household from other germs and diseases as well.

      Stay safe.

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    • yabanci - January 29, 2021

      Great, thanks for sharing this article post. Much thanks again. Want more. Kathlin Dew Shulman

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