Domestic workers / Hospitality Training Service

We provide bulk domestic and hospitality training services to employers who would love to see an improvement in the job performance of their workers. Training can be virtual or in-person, at the employer’s preferred location.

Training Modules

*Non - exhaustive

  • Communication / Customer Service Skills.
  • Professional Table setting and presentation, use of tableware, silverware and more.
  • Professional Housekeeping, Cleaning and Sanitization procedures ( in line with COVID-19 guidelines).
  • Food Handling procedures.
  • Security training: Risk & threat mitigation/ protocols for service workers at residences, hotels, HNI events and within organizations.
  • Waiters/waitresses/ stewards: Serving procedures and standards.
  • Ethics and professionalism.
  • Body grooming: Image, personal hygiene, workers dressing, outlook and presentation to reflect/ represent the employer’s personal or company image/brand to the business world.
  • Human Trafficking, life & money planning, career counselling and much more!.
  • Nanny/ Child care duties and roles.

Training Fees

Overall training fees vary, depending on how extensive each module will be explored / number of days training will run for.

3 Days basic training / per person – N95,000 – ($250) – Excluding VAT)

Payment Details

Account name: Coral Executive Agency Ltd
Bank: Ecobank Nigeria Ltd
Account Number: 3363006268


  • Training can be modified to suit your organization/ individual needs or preferences.


  • Training can also be done in batches, so it does not disrupt workflow in your company, hotel, estate or household.

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