Guide On How To Register As A Job Seeker

Step 1.

Register on the website as a jobseeker.

Step 2 :

Print your Guarantor/ Surety forms for documentation.

Step 3:

Submit all your documents – Filled forms / Academic and personal credentials .

Step 4 :

We confirm your Physical image


See full breakdown of steps below :


Step 1 – Website Registration

Use your mobile phone, borrow a friend’s phone or go to a cyber cafe near you. (Or come to any of our screening centers in Lagos , Abuja or Porthacourt.)

Log online to our new website and create a jobseeker profile. Click here to Sign-Up
It takes just 10 minutes to complete.

Add details such as your passport photo, Age, expected salary, previous employers, skills, job category etc. You must fill all the fields for it to save successfully. You must upload a passport photo as profile picture and ID card not larger than 5mb, else it will refuse to save.

You will be redirected to your private jobseeker dashboard if you have registered successfully.

Step 2: Guarantors/ Surety documentation


Download the guarantors/ surety forms on our website. Print it at a cyber cafe/ business center near you and take it to your guarantors to sign and return to us. You will provide (2-3) *THREE different guarantors who work in any of the following places: Acceptable guarantors are a. Civil Servants who work in government offices/ parastatals like Road Safety, LASTMA, Civil defence, local or state government schools, Polytechnics, Universities, Government hospitals etc.

All government organizations are acceptable. Or Big private companies like Dangote , Floor mills, MTN, Coca cola etc. Or Professionals like practicing Lawyers , doctors who work in big reputable firms , hospitals etc, CEOs of big private companies with established offices and branches of the company.

B. (contract workers, one man businesses or workers in small small companies are not accepted. People such as drivers , Chefs, security, hair stylists, electrician, painters, food sellers, mason man etc are not acceptable). Guarantors must reside in the same state as the candidate. If you reside in Lagos , Do not bring guarantors from Abuja, Benue etc. If you reside in Abuja , do not bring guarantors from Anambra, Jos etc.

Guarantors must reside/Live within the same state as you, for ease of verifications. *If you are new in the state or city where you currently live and do not know anyone , call your family and family-friends in your former/home ,state or village, to refer you and send to you phone numbers and names of qualified guarantors that will sign and provide coverage for you here to enable you to work in the current state where you live now. As much as we would like to help and on-board everyone, if you do not have qualified and verifiable guarantors, we cannot accept you.

C. DO NOT SUBMIT FAKE OR UNVERIFIABLE GUARANTORS: Whichever way you may attempt or be tempted to do this . If our verification staff confirm your guarantors to be fake , we will BLACKLIST you and share your profile online, and to other companies/ employers to beware of you!!


Step 3: Submit your documents


Submit the signed and filled guarantor forms along with ALL your personal documents/ credentials attached. Photocopy of your Valid ID card, Schools and personal credentials as requested, State or Local government of origin certificate, your school certificates, church or professional Training certificates, 2 different personal full length pictures of yourself. All documents with your name on it, attach everything.

Scan everything together SEND TO US IN ONE (1)SINGLE PDF ATTACHMENT with your full name as the title of the Attachment. (do not split your attachments) Example : Name of Candidate : Mary Moses Udoka – Name used to save your PDF attachment- Mary Moses Udoka.

Send to : WhatsApp – 09039977190 ( WhatsApp only , no phone calls) or email (Kindly note : a one-off verification fee of N1500 per guarantor is required from new members to verify your information / documents submitted). N1500 X 3 guarantors and address = N5000 per candidates.

This is not required from old members, only new members. Payment Account details: Coral Executive Agency (Verifications Account) Account Number: 3360010255 Bank : Ecobank Nigeria Amount : N5000 only.

Step 4 : In-person / Image confirmation


We will run a 5 minutes video call with you/or you may come to any of our screening centers in Abuja , Lagos or Porthacourt in person, to confirm your physical image.

Thats all !! Your Membership registration is completed! You are now a member. We can now screen and shortlist you for interviews with our clients and you can also apply to jobs for Free on the website. . (Remember to click on notifications ( the red colored bell on the website , and subscribe to new job alerts on the website).

Kindly note that we do not charge workers or deduct out of workers salaries , whether 10% or 50% or whatever. We have never charged workers for jobs for over 7 years , all your salaries come to you direct. Report any staff or agent who charges you or requests for money from you asides the one-off guarantors screening fees.

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