Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Must every user be verified to use this website?

Yes, this is mandatory. Every user or member on this platform must be verified in order to make full use of all the resources and tools on the site, either to search for jobs as a jobseeker or to access candidates as an employer.

How do I Join as a Jobseeker or Employer?

Kindly click on jobseeker sign-up link below to get started. Employers sign up: Or post a Job for Free instantly–

Will My Salary be Paid Direct to Me as a Worker?

All salaries and wages are paid direct to you as a worker, we do not deduct 10%, 30% , 50% or whatever % of your monthly salary. Every penny of your salary is paid direct to you.

What Kind of Guarantors/Sureties Do I Require to Get Approved?

We only accept Guarantors who work in government offices, big private companies or established professionals like doctors, lawyers who work in established firms and organizations. CEOs or Owners of companies with established offices and branches of their companies.

Responsible and reliable Guarantors / Sureties who are not prone to flight risk. See link to detailed guarantor documentation process below: We do not accept Guarantors who work in small – small companies like mason, painters, hair stylists, nannies, chefs, etc.

What Happens if I Do Not Have the Required guarantors?

As much as we would love to on-board everyone, If you do not have acceptable and qualified guarantors/ sureties, we will not accept and approve your application. If you do not have guarantors in your current city where you live now, you can contact your village brothers and sisters in your current city who work in government offices or approved big private companies.

Or  ask family members  and loved ones back home in your home state or village to introduce you to guarantors that can sign and provide coverage to you , to enable you find work in the new city where you live now.It’s very simple , that’s what most newly relocated candidates do.

Are all Guarantors/ Sureties Physically Checked and Verified?

All candidates addresses (as at date of verification), Guarantors/ sureties addresses and offices are “physically verified” and documented by our field staff and filed.

After you  hire your ideal candidate, you can request for a copy of your chosen worker’s file for your records afterwards and to enable you know more about your newly hired staff. (Terms and conditions apply

Is Coralworker.Com Only Available In Abuja, Lagos & Porthacourt Nigeria?

We are all over the country, but we have Workers Screening centers in Abuja , Lagos and Porthacourt Nigeria. These Screening locations are to aid the Screening of workers and to upload everyone screened to the platform.

Employers can then filter and hire workers from the comfort of their seats! Search through listed candidates on the platform online and contact them  directly, or contact our company with a list of  your choice,  whichever you prefer.

Why was My Profile Blacklisted on

If you are a candidate and several employers/companies complain about you, we will BLACKLIST your profile without recourse to losses suffered. Same applies to employers who mistreat workers in an inhumane way.

If several candidates complain about you as an employer, we will BLACKLIST your profile / account and block your access to more workers. This is a safe space for all parties and we intend to keep it so.

Is it Safe to Hire Domestic, Care & Hotel Workers on

Yes please, we conduct basic checks and verification on all users on our website. There is nothing like too much of security and background checks.

You can perform further security checks, but all users on the platform have undergone basic checks and verification.

Have there been cases of candidates who steal when employed?

Yes please, there are always few bad eggs in every place. We have had about 5 of such cases in 7 years and they were ALL apprehended.

What do I Pay Domestic staff as monthly salary? What rates are fair?

Domestic and hotel workers wages vary based on factors such as

  • Age
  • Years of experience
  • Skills
  • Educational qualifications,
  • If the staff is going to be a live in staff or a live out staff?
  • Transport fare(if he/she is a live out staff)
  • If the candidate is combining 2 or more roles.


  • Chef/Steward Vs just Chef, or Nanny/Housekeeping Vs just a nanny role caring for kids
  • Demands and supply
  • (The average going wage for that job category
  • You can easily go through candidates’ profiles to see what most candidates post as their going rates to get an idea of what is currently fair.

What is the Difference Between a Live in Domestic staff and a Live-out Domestic staff?

Live in workers are those who reside on full time basis within the premises of the employer. Live in workers are usually more convenient for employers because they do not arrive late to work and are easily reachable any time of the day. Being a live-in staff also helps workers save money for personal projects or ambitions, better and faster.

Live-outworkers are those who come from their homes daily. Most come from their homes by 7:00am everyday and close in the evenings around 5 or 6pm back to their individual houses. People who do not like much interference or the presence of third parties in their houses especially during resting hours in the evening; usually prefer Live out workers.

This is mostly ideal for singleswho need workers for only Saturday cleaning, employers without kids, employers with small families, families with grown up kids or people who do not want workers on a full time basis.

Guide On How To Register As A Job Seeker

Step 1.

Register on the website as a jobseeker.

Step 2 :

Print your Guarantor/ Surety forms for documentation.

Step 3:

Submit all your documents – Filled forms / Academic and personal credentials .

Step 4 :

We confirm your Physical image See full breakdown of steps below:


Step 1

Website Registration Use your mobile phone, borrow a friend’s phone or go to a cyber cafe near you. (Or come to any of our screening centers in Lagos , Abuja or Porthacourt.) Log online to our new website and create a jobseeker profile.

Click here to sign-up. It takes just 10 minutes to complete Add details such as your passport photo, Age, expected salary, previous employers, skills, job category etc. You must fill all the fields for it to save successfully.

You must upload a passport photo as profile picture and ID card not larger than 5mb , else it will refuse to save. You will be redirected to your private jobseeker dashboard if you have registered successfully.

Step 2: Guarantors/ Surety documentation – Download the guarantors/ surety forms on our website. Print it at a cyber cafe/ business center near you and take it to your guarantors to sign and return to us.

You will provide (2-3) *THREE different guarantors who work in any of the following places: Acceptable guarantors are a. Civil Servants who work in government offices/ parastatals like Road Safety, LASTMA, Civil defense, local or state government schools, Polytechnics, Universities, Government hospitals etc.

All government organizations are acceptable. Or Big private companies like Dangote, Floor mills, MTN, Coca cola etc. Or Professionals like practicing Lawyers, doctors who work in big reputable firms, hospitals etc, CEOs of big private companies with established offices and branches of the company. b. (contract workers , one man businesses or workers in small small companies are not accepted.

People such as drivers, Chefs, security, hair stylists, electrician, painters, food sellers, mason man etc are not acceptable). Guarantors must reside in the same state as the candidate. If you reside in Lagos, Do not bring guarantors from Abuja, Benue etc. If you reside in Abuja, do not bring guarantors from Anambra, Jos etc. Guarantors must reside/Live within the same state as you, for ease of verifications.

*If you are new in the state or city where you currently live and do not know anyone, call your family and family-friends in your former/home, state or village, to refer you and send to you phone numbers and names of qualified guarantors that will sign and provide coverage for you here to enable you to work in the current state where you live now. As much as we would like to help and on-board everyone, if you do not have qualified and verifiable guarantors, we cannot accept you.

c. DO NOT SUBMIT FAKE OR UNVERIFIABLE GUARANTORS: Whichever way you may attempt or be tempted to do this . If our verification staff confirm your guarantors to be fake, we will BLACKLIST you and share your profile online, and to other companies/ employers to beware of you!!

Step 3:

Submit your documents Submit the signed and filled guarantor forms along with ALL your personal documents/ credentials attached. Photocopy of your Valid ID card, Schools and personal credentials as requested, State or Local government of origin certificate, your school certificates, church or professional Training certificates, 2 different personal full length pictures of yourself.

All documents with your name on it, attach everything. Scan everything together SEND TO US IN ONE (1) SINGLE PDF ATTACHMENT with your full name as the title of the Attachment. (do not split your attachments) Example : Name of Candidate : Mary Moses Udoka – Name used to save your PDF attachment- Mary Moses Udoka

Send to : WhatsApp – 09039977190 ( WhatsApp only , no phone calls) or email (Kindly note : a one-off verification fee of N1500 per guarantor is required from new members to verify your information / documents submitted). N1500 X 3 guarantors and address = N5000 per candidates.

This is not required from old members, only new members. Payment Account details: Coral Executive Agency (Verifications Account) Account Number: 3360010255 Bank : Ecobank Nigeria Amount : N5000 only.

Step 4 : 

In-person / Image confirmation We will run a 5 minutes video call with you/or you may come to any of our screening centers in Abuja , Lagos or Porthacourt in person, to confirm your physical image. Thats all !! Your Membership registration is completed!

You are now a member. We can now screen and shortlist you for interviews with our clients and you can also apply to jobs for Free on the website. . (Remember to click on notifications ( the red colored bell on the website , and subscribe to new job alerts on the website) .

Kindly note that we do not charge workers or deduct out of workers salaries , whether 10% or 50% or whatever. We have never charged workers for jobs for over 7 years , all your salaries come to you direct. Report any staff or agent who charges you or requests for money from you asides the one-off guarantors screening fees.

Are Employers also Verified on

Yes please.  We require all employers to provide proper identifying documents.  All employers are verified.

How Long Has Coralworker.Com Been In Business?

We have been in existence for about 6-7 years as an agency, prior to currently pivoting to an online marketplace. You can confirm from our verified Google business page.

How Do I Get A Nanny, Chef And Driver From Coralwork.Com?

Sign up as an employer and post your vacancies for FREE, Or filter through the candidates pool /directory to find your ideal choices.

Contact them via their phone numbers on their profiles or the  WhatsApp chat button on their pages. It’s best to combine the 2 strategies of posting a job firstly, while you searchthrough listed  candidates profiles, for best outcomes .

Approximately How Long does it Take to Hire a Candidate on

You can get a candidate within 30 minutes to 48 hours , depending on the hiring route you choose. Self-filtering and searching on the platform is usually faster and much cheaper.

You can also post a vacancy for FREE while filtering and searching, to help you cover all bases and widen your options.So, post a job now for FREE now and commence!

I want to make Payment and Choose a Plan as an Employer, How do I go about this?

Step 1 Sign up as an employer ( it takes just 1 minute to sign up) Step 2. Choose any of our payment plans and make payment: N25,000 for 20 days access N50,000 for 90 days access N100,000 for 180 days access You can start contacting candidates immediately.

Does have Physical Centers or Offices?

Yes we do: Workers Screening Centers :

  1. Aula Plaza besides Zenith Bank Mpape Abuja

  2. Ikeja Lagos

  3. Transamadi Porthacourt

(Employers are not attended to at these locations)   Client Support Services : Plot 2490 AguiyiIronsi Street Maitama Abuja Nigeria. (Workers are not attended to at this location) WhatsApp enquiries only (+234 – 09039977190) you can click on the WhatsApp button below to commence chat with a client support staff)

You Have Other Questions Or Quick Enquiries?

Chat with Cyprian or Marilyn via the WhatsApp button below for quick questions or clarifications. +234- 09039977190 (WhatsApp only) Or send an email to

Are Candidates The Employees Of Coralwork.Com?

No. Candidates are direct employees of whichever employer hires them. The employer who pays their salaries.

Who is liable in Situations Where Candidate Steals or Commits Crime?

All candidates have provided guarantors/ sureties who have signed to be legally liable for the actions and inactions of their candidates. All employers and third parties will refer to these Guarantors/ Sureties as being liable to provide these candidates as-needed, throughout their employment tenure.

Request for your candidate’s file to reach out to their guarantors/ sureties and acquaint yourself with them. Request for your worker’s files via email–send request to or to WhatsApp support – +234- 09039977190 (WhatsApp chats only)

Will Employers Have Access To Free Replacements In Case The Initial Hire Turns Out Not To Be A Fit?

Yes please, employers can have access to our pool of candidates depending on the number of days tied to their subscription.  But even after your subscription expires, you will still have access to your dashboard to go through ALL those that you already shortlisted.

Or those  that applied to your vacancy to choose a replacement, without additional charges. Or post a new Job for Free to get additional options.

For How Long Do Subscribed Employers Have Access To The Database/ Pool Of Candidates Via Employers Dashboards?

Employers have access to search through workers freely for the number of candidates and days tied to their subscription, and still have access to their dashboards to contact.

All those that applied to their vacancies, without additional charges, even after the subscription expires.

What if I was Invited for an Interview with a potential Employer? How do I go about this?

Request for the interview date, location, time and address, Get full employers names and details, and send these details to 2 or 3 of your family members or loved ones before going out for the interview. (Ensure that you do this) Do not go to any address that is vague and not clearly written out. Only go to Employers with fixed location and addresses.

Addresses with exact House or Plot number, street name and area. Example : Mrs Mercy Akan Hassan, Plot 313 Toyin Ibrahim Street , Lekki, Lagos state. Do not accept interview requests from any employer who refuses to disclose their full address, or asks you to meet them at a strange location or a junction. Or insists that they will only tell you the address when you get to their junction.

If you are not comfortable with their request , ask to meet with them in an open place or fast food places like Mr Biggs, KFC, ShopRite etc. Or in their offices / business premises. If you are comfortable with them after the first meeting, you can them proceed to meet with them at their house on another day. You can also get someone to go along with you and wait for you outside.

How Long Has Coralworker.Com Been In Business?

We have been in existence for about 6-7 years as an agency, prior to currently pivoting to an online marketplace. You can confirm from our verified Google business page.

How does your Premium Hiring Service Work?

Our premium service is an outsourcing service for individuals, HNIs, embassies and multinationals who would like to sign up for the outsourcing of workers from our company. We shortlist, run detailed security checks, finger printing/ criminal history checks, full medicals on major diseases  including food handlers tests,screen the best candidates and outsource on a monthly basis.

We provide uniforms, backups and staff replacements on demand at all your residences, offices and locations. Service starts at N100,000 ($300) monthly – ( Basic plan),  per staff deployed.  You can also move your current workers to us for better management.  

Let’s take the stress off you, on All your local staff hiring needs within Nigeria. Contact us and sign up for Premium category now ! Reach out to us via email – or call +234- 09039977190 now.



There are 2 routes to hiring workers with our company

1.Online website self-service
2. Company private recruitment services.


Online website Self-Service : Free Plan

1. With our free plan, you can post your job vacancy for FREE on our website. Click on the link below to post your job vacancy now for absolutely free!

Our workers will apply directly to you. You can screen and shortlist candidates of your choice via your private employer dashboard on our platform for totally FREE!! You can arrange, shortlist, sort, approve or reject applicants right from your free dashboard and contact qualified /shortlisted workers on their phone numbers, WhatsApp or emails.  All screening and shortlisting will be initiated and handled by you. We do not charge for this.

Kindly note: The above plan is for FREE JOB POSTING ONLY. If you’d want to  access the direct phone contacts and files of our workers listed online, without posting your job vacancy publicly, you will need to subscribe for access to our candidates’ online pool/database.

Click on the link below to view our candidate’s directory/pool –
Online pool subscription plans :
a. N25,000 for 30 days access
b. N50,000 for 90 days access
c. N100,000 for 180 days / 6 months.

You can access as many listed candidates as you’d want under this plan, even if you do not want to publicly post your job vacancies.
Our online self-service plan is mostly ideal for private companies/hotels or individuals who employ workers en masse and can run further checks on their own.

2. Company Private Recruitment Services:


This costs N49,000 for each worker requested for. Our in-house team will search, screen and shortlist workers/ options for the employer to choose from. Chosen candidates will be  deployed to the employer’s location to resume work. Time frame for private placement services is between 6 – 48 hours.
The one-off Placement fee covers workers shortlisting, screening, security checks and verifications, as well as the company search fee. (Everything inclusive)

This fee is paid just ONCE to the company. The employer thereafter directly employs the candidate,  negotiates salary, pays and manages his/her staff directly going forward.

This is exclusively for top-performing and carefully selected workers that we outsource to clients on a monthly basis.

Our premium plan starts from N100,000 per month worker’s salary inclusive. The monthly fee covers the basic worker’s category. E.g Nannies, housekeepers, stewards, cooks and more! Ideally, workers with about 5 – 7 years of experience.

We also have the higher category which is for mature professionals E.g Continental Chefs, Mature Nannies, and other categories of professional workers with over 15- 20 years of experience.
ways to request for a worker

a. If you’d like to subscribe to our online self-service plan, kindly register on our website as an employer , that’s all. ( it takes just 2 minutes to sign up / post a vacancy)

b. For our  private placement services and Premium Services, you can swiftly request for your staff via our Central  WhatsApp number   =    +234-  09039977190 or email  Provide us with details on whatsApp such as your preferred candidates age range, work category, location, if you’d prefer a live in or live out work arrangement, your preferred tribe ( if this matters you or not, as long as the candidate is efficient ), and other details specific to your office/ home location. That’s all.

c. Workers will be screened and deployed to your location within 6 -48 hours.

d. Kindly confirm which of our payment  plans that you’d be going with and your tentative convenient day and time to interview workers.

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