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About Coral Worker

Coralworker.com connects you to thousands of verified & documented Professional Chefs, Housemaids, Nannies, Cooks, Housekeepers, Drivers, butler's, Steward's and much more, at the click of a button from the comfort of your seat!

We are a social enterprise platform, a marketplace that seamlessly helps you hire screened and pre-documented home care and domestic workers from the comfort of your home or office, conveniently and speedily.
You can access bio-profiles, WhatsApp contacts, phone numbers, approved and verified guarantors' details, previous employers' details, and so much more on all workers posted on the platform and connect directly with them all!
Workers such as Professional Chefs, Professional Nannies, Cooks, governesses, tutors, Drivers, Stewards, Housekeepers, Home-maids, Personal Assistants, Corporate and personal Drivers, residential Housekeepers, Stewards, Butlers, Home Assistants, Gardners, security/ gateman, Live-in and Live-out elder caregivers for your aged parents, Special needs Nannies for autism and other neurological challenges, as well as other workers in the household and care sector.
Call direct phone numbers of workers or chat directly with workers via in-app messaging, WhatsApp messaging, SMS and more right from their profiles on our platform.

Our online domestic and home-care recruitment platform is highly convenient for private individuals, families, singles, corporate and business executives, (HNIs) High net worth individuals, top politicians, multinationals, embassies, and all kinds of corporate organizations looking to recruit local support workers, as well as upscale VIP homes, resorts, restaurants, lounges, bars, guest houses, and other players in the domestic, home-care and hospitality jobs industry who employ workers en-masse at a moments notice!
Search, sort, shortlist, interview, recruit or decline workers direct from your dashboard on our platform. Get access to your worker's complete file/bio details for your records and filing immediately.
We are a one-stop shop domestic job platform. Everything domestic and home-care recruitment" initiated and concluded by you, at the click of a button from the convenience of your seat!

We strive to see a healthy working relationship between employers and domestic | home-care workers, thus enabling “all parties” to reap the full benefits of a healthy, safe, and mutually beneficial work relationship.

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Coral Executive Agency is in business to see a healthy working relationship between employers and their workers thus enabling “all parties” reap the full benefits of a healthy, safe and mutually benefiting work relationship.

Do you need to save N2m- N3m or more for a personal project? New Business Venture? Your education or JAPA moves?

Sign up on our platform and work full-time as a domestic worker to start saving up the needed funds now. Commence your plans legally at your convenience and personal safety!
Do not venture into illegal migration into the Sahara desert or the Mediterranean Sea.
Do not fall for the lure of risky, inhumane and fake domestic jobs abroad that might maim you or end your life abruptly.
Join our platform now!
Click to register for a domestic job within Nigeria and commence your life plans safely & conveniently!

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