Verification Fee


This one-time worker mandatory verification fee is required, to enable us to visit 2-3 of your guarantor's offices or shops for confirmation, to process your police fingerprinting and criminal history checks, verify your home address, process your general background checks and other details submitted in your file & profile, that's all. It is paid only ONCE by every worker on our platform to verify workers's details and information submitted. You can get jobs 5,000 times for free in the next 10 years here, you do not need to pay it again.
(Ts & Cs apply )


A. N9,500 Full verification fee (Mandatory - You pay once now, and that's all!) = N9,500.
B. N15,000- part payments.(You will pay N7,500 now and another N7,500 later)= N15,000.
If you choose to pay N7,500 for part verification now, you will still be required to pay another N7,500 later to complete the full verification process.
A full verification fee of N9,500 is cheaper for us as the company, to process your file/information wholly at once, than part-verification, which will still require you to pay the balance of N7,500 later.
If you do not have money now, you can borrow N9,500 from your family and friends and pay it back to them from your first salary.


Police fingerprinting and criminal history checks Clearance Document - N20,500 ( optional ).
Pay for your police criminal history and background checks document to prove to employers that you are not an ex-convict or have any record of criminal history with the Nigerian police. This certificate/ document is attached to your file and helps employers to trust you fully.
Basic medical tests screening - N15,000 ( optional )
Get screened for basic diseases and infections.
Elicit trust from your potential employers, know your health status and be completely employment-ready!
Basic Tests include:
✅ HIV Type 1 and 2
✅ Hepatitis A, B and C
✅ Tuberculosis ( TB)
✅ Pregnancy
✅ Malaria
✅ Typhoid

Weed/ Marijuana and other psychoactive substance abuse test- N20,000
Domestic and home care workers work in homes and private residences of their employers.
Children live in most of these homes, and as such employers would want to ensure that the person working and interacting with their kids is not under the influence of alcohol, weed, cocaine or other illicit drugs.

Opting to run this test and including it in your file helps employers to know that they can trust your physical, mental and work abilities.
All negative test results of the above test prove that you do not engage in such acts, and will not be mentally impaired or under the influence of drugs while caring for their kids.

Kindly note :
All the above tests are run at our approved partner hospitals or labs to ensure the integrity of your tests submitted.
We do not accept tests done in any random laboratory by workers and submitted to us, all tests must be done at our approved standard partner medical facilities and results sent directly to us.


Pay or transfer a one-time full mandatory verification fee of N9,500 into the worker's verification processing account details below.- (Note: Verification fees are none refundable)
Account Name:Coral Executive Agency Ltd- Verifications Account.
Bank: Ecobank Nigeria.
Account Number:3360010255
( Mandatory Fee ) Amount: N9,500
( Optional fees)-
You can add any or all of the medical tests and police checks options above that you want and pay all together.
(These are optional, but highly recommended to boost employer trust in workers).


Submit evidence of payment to us with your full name, your job category and phone number to : WhatsApp support - +234-09039977190 Or Email - [email protected]
This is not payment for a job, we do not charge workers for jobs, and all your salaries are paid 100%, directly into your bank accounts by your employers.
We DO NOT deduct 10%, 50% or whatever percentage from your first-month, second, third or any-month salary!
All salary payments are credited fully into the bank accounts that you specified and submitted.
Jobs are 100% free on our platform, but all new and first-time workers must be verified when you sign up.
Pay now and inspire complete and total trust from employers,
If you need guidance or further explanations on this fee, kindly click on the WhatsApp button below to chat with one of our representatives at +234- 09039977190.

Best regards,
Verifications Team,