The below rates serve just as a basic guide for employers and workers. We do not fix nor negotiate salaries, as well as other work terms for workers and employers. These are entered into and negotiated directly between both parties. Workers and their direct employers are to freely negotiate payments, work terms & conditions , and salaries paid 100% directly and timely into the worker’s account. We do not deduct 10%, 20%, 50% or any percentage of these salaries below from the workers. Employers pay 100% of salaries and benefits directly into the hired workers bank accounts monthly. Employers are encouraged not to owe their workers salaries for no reason and come back to the platform to hire more workers whilst still owing the previously hired ones. This is one of our grounds to blacklist an employer from hiring more workers from our platform if reported by your confirmed hires to have done this, Kindly refrain from such.The below rates may vary from one worker to another based on education, skills, certifications, experience, age, training, a single job role Vs 2 or 3 combined roles, as well as other factors.

Professional Jobs & Graduate category- Bsc | HND | OND| NCE – Monthly Salary ranges N150,000- N650,000

Professionals only:
A. Professionally Trained & Experienced Inter-Continental Chef – Monthly Salary range N150,000 - N650,000 or more.
B. English-French Speaking Certified Graduate –For Full-time Nanny /Housekeeper role- BSc| HND - Monthly Salary range N150,000 - N650,000 or more.
C. Normal Full-time Graduate Domestic worker – (BSc | HND|- Monthly Salary range N120,000 - N650,000 or more.
A full verification fee of N9,500 is cheaper for us as the company, to process your file/information wholly at once, than part-verification, which will still require you to pay the balance of N7,500 later.
D. Professional Non-Graduate domestic worker- OND|NCE Monthly Salary range N75,000k – N150,000k
E. Professional Mature and experienced Driver for Corporate Organizations or Private HNIs – Salary ranges – N150,000k – N300,000k or more, depending on education, training, skills and other factors. Most employers prefer married older drivers between ages 38 – 50 years old, as they tend to be more patient, grounded and pose fewer security risks.
F. Filipino Nanny-Housekeeper - Salary ranges $800- $1500 USD Monthly – (Depending on their level of formal education, skills, single or combined roles and other factors.

Non-Graduate domestic worker Categories: Qualifications – WAEC |SSCE|NECO- Monthly Salary ranges from N50,000 – N120,000:


  • Nanny
  • Maid
  • Housekeeper
  • Steward
  • Housegirl
  • Houseboy
  • Others

SEMI-PROFESSIONAL COMBINED ROLES & CATEGORIES – Monthly Salary ranges from N150,000 - N250,000 or more

Examples include :
Steward- Cook Combo
Nanny –Housekeeper
Cook – Housekeeper
Security – Gardner & Cleaner
Workers in this category usually have basic knowledge of some of the roles required like childcare, nanny and housekeeping combined. They might not be specialized in all, but have basic 50-60% knowledge of one or two other roles being handled .

Example, are cook -stewards having just basic knowledge of continental cuisine and very good knowledge and mastery of general African food. Some might be required to undertake full cooking responsibilities while handling cleaning and housekeeping same time. Usually for small homes or single older employers.

Kindly note : Live-out workers usually request for about N25,000 - N30,000 extra to cover for their transportation costs for Abuja, about N40,000 extra for Lagos axis and about N20,000 for Porthacourt axis. It’s best to just allow them to calculate their daily transport fares 5 or 6 times a week and multiple that by 4 weeks, to arrive at a monthly transport cost for each city or location. Hiring those who live close to your residential location/ area will also help reduce the overall cost of transportation.